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We just work on a translation of our assembly instructions. In case you need help in the meanwhile, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Assembly Instructions


FUN FAMILY SWIM Steel-Walled Pool

Before you purchase, take a look at our detailed assembly instructions.

PDF (PDF, 748 kB)

Building and assembly instructions for round, octagonal and oval pools

POWER S System Pool

Here you can download our detailed assembly instructions in order to properly prepare.

PDF (PDF, 717 kB)

Assembly instructions for the Power S System Pool

AlkorPlan - Membrane

AlkorPlan-Membrane - the perfect surface for swimming-pools.
See details for installation and renovation.

PDF (PDF, 579 kB)

AlkorPlane membrane installation instructions

PDF (PDF, 405 kB)

AlkorPlan membrane renovation manual

PDF (PDF, 390 kB)

AlkorPlan technical data sheets