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Future Pool points the way!

As one of the “youngest” manufacturers and wholesalers in the swimming-pool sector we have managed in only seven years of independent operation to catch up with the major players in this market – that speaks for itself.

More than 300 specialist swimming-pool dealers are already working with us. We are particularly well represented in the new German federal states.

In founding and building up the Future Pool company, it has been a great advantage to us that each of our founding partners came from a different operational field in the swimming-pool sector. This meant that we have had a very wide base of expertise and experience from the very beginning.

Our long-term objective is to increase our market share in Germany and Europe and to expand the work force at our Aschaffenburg location. In contrast to the prevailing opinion in many other industrial sectors, we are convinced that manufacturing really can be successfully carried out in Germany, and our positive results confirm that view!

Future Pool produces in Aschaffenburg

Aschaffenburg Production Site

By the year 2000, our company headquarters in Mainaschaff was already getting too small for us, which is why we moved to Aschaffenburg. As a result of the move, we were able to not only make substantial improvements in logistics, but also greatly increase production capacity while maintaining our high levels of quality.

Future Pool – the video about our company

The Future Pool company video
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Take a good look around - live - and gain a vivid impression of our company. We show you the manufacture of our steel-walled pools, sand-filter equipment and sliding roofs at our Aschaffenburg factory.

Future Pool – our 3 pillars of success:

Stability – we have been successfully asserting our market position since 1998

Know-How – all of our employees bring with them many years of experience.

Independence – means we are flexible and can make decisions quickly.

The active partners

Josef Hartmann: Management
Michael Bauer: Sales Management and Quality Assurance
Peter Brückner: Manager, Engineering and Development
Günter Zöller: Regional Sales Management

The team built around our proprietors has for several years remained unchanged – which is how we like it, because this guarantees a constant high level of quality in all areas of our business.